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SatClubbing Music Tracker Rules


1. General Rules

  1. You must have a good ratio. If you have a low ratio, then these limitations apply:

    Your ratioYou can download
    < 0.31 torrent per 24 hours
    >= 0.3 and < 0.42 torrents per 24 hours
    >= 0.4 and < 0.53 torrents per 24 hours
    >= 0.5 and < 0.64 torrents per 24 hours
    >= 0.6Not limited

    Limits do not apply to VIP user classes. The lower your ratio from 0.3 the better chances you have to get banned.
    Try to keep your ratio as high as you can.
  2. You are not allowed to upload our torrents to other trackers. This means you can't seed unmodified .torrent files from this tracker on other trackers.
  3. You are not allowed to register duplicate accounts.
  4. You are not allowed to make any spam via chat, comments, PM, or the forums.
  5. You are not allowed to write in any language except English and Russian.
  6. Be polite to other members of SatClubbing community.

2. Upload Rules

    Rules for those who want to upload. As the upload ability have every member you must follow these rules and guidelines:

  1. You must use search to check that the release is already uploaded. The release is a dupe if:
    • There is similar release with the same name, same number of tracks (files) and the same quality.
    • There is a release which contains all of the tracks (files) of the release being uploaded.
    The release is not a dupe:
    • The tracker has similar release but it's not scene, it has less tracks or it's in lower quality.
  2. Upload only checked scene releases. The exception are:
    • High quality or rare tracks which go to the Unreleased Tracks category.
    • Livesets, mixes, radioshows rips. They must go to the Livesets - X (where X is the corresponding style category). They also must be of decent quality or will be deleted.
    • Categories Music Plugins/Apps/Misc and DVD/Video/Clips but the scene is always prefered.
    This means that no self-ripped-from-everywhere-tracks and other crap are allowed. If you have a scene release and the tracker has the category for it, your upload is more than welcome.
  3. Do not change the original name of the scene release. If you do the release is considered non-scene and will be deleted according to the previous rule.
  4. You must seed your torrent for at least 72 hours or until there are 2 seeders.
  5. Upload only unpacked files. No archived releases (ZIP, RAR, etc...) are allowed.
  6. Releases from other trackers (TT, PS, TR, etc) are not allowed.
Violation of these rules will result in receiving a warning. If you already got a warning the next step is a ban.

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